I originally called this new Shock identification and storage system The Survival Chakras & Subtle Body Anatomy.  This was because they always indicated when some part of the body or being had gone into some form of ‘Survival’ mode.  And also indicated if there was any shock present in the body.

These Chakras work as an ‘Alert’ system, signalling a quick  warning reference and providing a quick readout if there is a ‘shut-down’ or traumatised state present or whether some other form of overwhelm of energy is operating.  Even something as basic as being overwhelmed by life and that just being in ‘present time’ is so easily tested by locating a single point on the body! However, it also serves to identify when not only acute shock or stress is present, but also when long term chronic stress is still buried in the body, the cells or in a Chakra.

This has been invaluable when working with those clients whose issues of inability to cope, a sense of ‘collapse’ or even the inability to ‘hold’ a healing; the identification of where shock is still stored can help to clear the hidden tremors so that a stability of frequency can take place for healing – and subsequently – peace to manifest.


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