With so many changes in the Cosmic, Spiritual and Vibrational landscapes around the change-over to the new century, there have also been many changes in energy healing, vibrational medicine, spiritual awareness and subsequently, our own vibrational energy bodies and subtle body anatomy.

light and dark

With the flood of extra Light frequencies, there has also been a fight-back from the Dark. However, the consciousness of many Light Seekers and Light Bringers whilst we travel through new Cosmic frequencies and revisit old Cosmic Winds has also been further challenged and expanded. The new Higher Chakras above the Crown Chakra has allowed wonderful downloads of new Codes of Light. But some of us have also been evolving our own unique anchoring anatomies.

The original Seven Chakra System has most certainly been enhanced and built upon with these developments, but many are aware that there is much more to their own energetic system then this basic esoteric anatomy which links the subtle and energetic to the Nervous System and emotional tone.

no longer enough…

Those who are advanced energetically (and generally spiritually) are looking for more efficient, more effective, more elegant understandings with which to monitor their own progress and also support those that they facilitate with and for.

I have been teaching about these New Evolved Chakras and their associated Systems for some time in Australia as well as demonstrating its existence and power in England, Germany and Tasmania.

This is the home website to these Chakras.  My plan to publish a book on these important Chakras finally eventuated late last year.

It is now available at good online bookstores and Amazon, and I will also be stocking it personally for local sales for students and interested Souls.  I do not know of any other source of this information and it is a culmination of the latest current esoteric knowledge combined with remembered experience and teachings from other incarnations.

Welcome to further energetic freedoms, en-lightenings and ease of journeying for all of you who are on an advanced spiritual journey.

Blessings – Be Well, Stay Well.

Myra Sri

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