Staying Sane In A 3D World


The planet is going through a mass awakening.

Many are embracing the possibility of a 5D reality, yet still find part of themself in 3D land…

When we are woken up from sleep, there is a moment of orientation – of recognition of where we find ourself, and of where we went to sleep.  If we are in the same bed, the same place as we usually go to sleep in, then this transition is quick.  If we find ourself in another place – a friend’s house, a hospital room etc, then we have to piece back together certain bits of information in order to recognise our current location.  If there has been some sort of change, drama or trauma, again this exacerbates the process or realignment with our world, with our day, with our life process.  Even with what day of the week it is…

The world I knew some years ago has almost ceased to exist – certainly not in the form it once was.  What was once simply a 3D experience alongside a huge desire to be connected (to something Divine and bigger than myself) in a spiritual way did indicate that there was more to life than simply eating and living.

The me that I knew has changed quite a lot – I cannot yet say ‘changed beyond recognition’ though there are times when I do wonder who the person is that gazes back at me in my mirror.

The fact is: many are saying the same…

Our 3D world is bridging to 5D realm, and the stakes are escalating.  We are wanting to connect with our own Soul life plan.  We are wanting to break away from the illusions and restrictions imposed upon us from many quarters.

The cumulative effect of rising to and dealing with the confronting issues that have been revealing themselves over recent years has challenged many – almost to the point of overwhelm for the very sensitive – but has also yielded shifts and changes in our very foundations.

Many of us dream for, hope for, pray for, meditate for; Peace.  Yet in our daily mundane lives and even in our attempts to create regular sleeping patterns, we find a paradox. ..The peaceful life we seek still eludes many – unless we have been able to cocoon ourselves away from the world.  Other people’s issues may still intrude and impact upon us, despite our awareness of avoiding dramas – the energetic impact may still be felt.  Family restlessness and old ancestral stories that are as yet unresolved may haunt us in ways that bypass our conscious mind, unless we roust them out to identify and release them.  We can’t get to sleep, so we ruminate, meditate, investigate, vegetate till the small hours.  Or, feeling comfortably tired, we do manage to get to sleep only to wake up in the wee hours, finding sleep elusive, our thoughts weird or disconnected, or not even ours, or feeling aches or uncomfortable vibrations, or even hearing high frequency sounds.  Not to mention the frequent trips to relieve our bladders…  Some of us find that memories roam around our minds, dreams that are hodgepodge mixes making little real sense, whilst others are amazingly indicative of issues we are working with.

Our search for peace, our quest for autonomy, our anticipation of serenity in these times often seems to be taking longer than expected or we have previously experienced.   And we wonder ‘Why?’…


Since 2012 we have all been on a journey – one that is taking humanity to the next level.  We have not yet arrived, but we are ‘in process’.  The journey is through physical Space, and it is also through energetic Stargates – portals of energy frequencies that are upgrading (and challenging) our current way of Being.

At this point in Space-Time, our planet is travelling fast through our Universe, spiralling towards another Sun that is beyond this Solar System.  Indeed, our whole Solar System is on the same journey, and we are ever moving towards our Central Sun.  As we journey, we travel through space and the web and warp of the cosmic fabric.  We experience blasts of energy from nearby cosmic bodies, from solar winds, from cosmic winds – and we may also feel the change in frequency of the new temporary position in space that we occupy as we journey.  Not all space frequencies are the same.  And some of us have been other places in other lives that are not just Planet Earth.  So these past experiences can lend themselves to becoming ‘resonances’ in our energy systems.  And can also register in our energetic memory systems.  Feelings or vague concerns may emerge, triggered hazy sense of occurrences past that just might reoccur again…  These are clues of what is currently and concurrently happening – an awakening from collective oppression.

The blessing of such activations or triggers in these times is that the expanding Light pouring onto the Planet brings opportunity to transform the old memory and storyings, so that the story is no longer stored (storied) within our energy system as before.  As our energy systems take on more Photonic vibration, so then that which is not of this higher frequency arises to be cleared.  So we have a two-pronged effect, in that it is from within and also from without that the pressure for change is experienced.


We are almost through another year of intense change.  2018 is a Mastership year: in numerology, 2018 adds up to the number 11 – the Master number.  Many of us have been challenged towards more mastery, especially in evolving beyond duality and into balance, in creating the real connection between our humanity and our Soul.  I have noted a lot of ‘Resentment’ issues arising, old grudges being exposed in order to be cleared.  Ours, and others, and those that we have inadvertently absorbed in our tender years of growing up.  Even our ancestral heritages that have held these issues are either being played out within our families or we can see it around us… Our DNA holds memories as well as instruction.

Since 2000 we have been taking baby steps in moving beyond ‘enslavement’.  In 2012, the new Era truly began.  There has been some fightback from the global power systems and from our own old bloodline codes, and as the Light flushes out more and more old shadows, it all may look worse than it is.

It has not been an easy journey as we strip away lingering patterns, programs, codes, consciousnesses and limitations.  And we are not yet through with digging out old stuff.  But all of this allows us a new way of connecting – not just with our own Soul and journey, but also with the Planet, the Universe and the Cosmos.  We are clearing our old planetary gridding system in order to develop and anchor a new 5D Planetary gridding system – one which is based on Integrity – our own authentic Integrity – our true wholeness, identity and authenticity, free from ancient diversions, ancient subscriptions, ancient authorities and enslavements.  Some of us have also been working on our other gridding systems, as and when these require attention for our evolutionary journey.


Evolving To Self Sovereignty

There are several viewpoints that currently exist on what it is to be on the Spiritual Path.

Some maintain that opening one’s heart (and Heart Chakra) is the key to it all.  Others work with attempting a continual state of Peace, where they can just glide and slide through life without engaging with the events or dramas around them.  Yet other people believe that serving everyone around them and living a life for others is the way to live and evolve.   And many think that being ‘one with all’ is the way to go.  There are so many ‘roads’ that one can take and there is validity – to a degree – in each one of them.  It all depends on who you are, on what your current life purpose is, on what stage your Soul is at and on how well you pay attention and handle life events and inner promptings.

For me, having my heart continually open caused me a lot of harm.  So I had to learn another lesson, that of being responsible for my own heart.  Yet where did that leave me with constant hints that we must open our hearts to others…?  I came to realise that this message and lesson was for those who had lived with closed hearts and now needed to open them.  My problem was to learn to heal my wounded heart, be protective of it if possible, love myself just as much as I had loved others, and to know when to have it open, and when to discern to protect it from invasion.

When I focused on having Peace in my life, I had to face the process of clearing not only my own issues on this, but also everything that I had absorbed from others that was not of ‘Peace’.  I also came to realise that for me anyway, I chose to be here on this Planet right now because of its momentous time in Earth History.  We are moving through powerful photonic belts, bringing more and more higher frequency Light upon the Planet and to each of us.  This exposes shadows for us to deal with – not just in our life or attitude, but in our own family programming, our subconscious, and in the relationships we have with people and with our self.  It can point us to the areas we can improve, it can challenge what we had taken for granted.

It is actually a time of Transformation.  And that is about major Change.  And one cannot have change without upheaval.  To hope for Peace during a time of Transformation is almost a paradox, but the paradox is simply a way of prompting us to manage our own inner peace – yet being able to take the steps necessary for our own transformation to take place, as well as supporting the necessary transformation on the Planet of patriarchal, misogynistic, profiteering, bullying, warring, paedophilic and other dark practices and control.

Looking for drama is not really a spiritual attitude, for that can hide one’s own issues or simply be the need for entertainment outside of oneself.  Getting continually caught in drama can highlight a need to attend to one’s own boundaries, or learn to separate oneself from those seeking one’s energy, support, loyalty etc at a cost of one’s own peace of mind.  Or it could be a lesson in discernment – who are our real friends, who do we really resonate with, who accepts us for who we are, who values us, who do we really feel safe with, who has similar values etc.

So then, what do I see as the key to evolution, to maturity on the spiritual level, to understanding and even mastery of life, my life?


Who And What Am I?

Firstly, what is my true Identity?  Then I need to question the following: Do I have real Autonomy over my own choices, mind and decisions, or am I merely echoing that which has gone before?  To have autonomy, I must be free, so; Do I have real freedom – in my heart, mind, life?  Do I have true Liberty?  Am I Authentic with what I say and do – do I act in aligned integrity with my inner and outer being?  Am I recognisable by what I say and do?  And finally, do I have or am I seeking Mastery in my life, in my world, and in my affairs.

If I am immersed in the energies, emotions, problems, dramas, lives and affairs of others, in the business of others, or under the control of collective oppression, then how can I manage myself, my own affairs?  If I am continually ‘one with all’ how can I understand my own individual journey, my own unique reason for being here?  Recognising that we are multi-layered and where exactly we are all the same is a crucial factor to navigating this life and journey successfully.

The statement I have often heard bandied about – that we all feel the same and are all the same underneath – is one that I took at face value for many years.  I spent a lot of time, compassion, energy, worry, love, attention and even sacrifice looking for what I believed to be ‘the good that resides in everyone’.  Over time, and after many damaging hurts and wounds, I came to understand that we are not all the same underneath.  It was a big shock and a big lesson.

I was investing a lot of time etc in looking for the ‘God’ness in each person that came into my life.  I also was spending more time doing this than looking for the ‘God’ness that was in my own heart and life – my hangover from church dogma, brain-washing and repression.  My focus had been helping others, but at a cost to myself, though I did not realise this at the time.  Remember, that this is my journey that I am describing here, and not everyone has been through exactly the same, though a lot of my clients could personally validate the points I am making here.  When I understood that everyone was responsible for themself, for their own actions, for their own re-actions, for what they allowed themself to think and to believe, for how they allowed others to treat them, this was the beginning of wisdom and freedom for me.  This was a huge step in giving me a mental context and tools to begin to look at my life and my past differently – it opened my eyes.

Taking that a step further from the self-development and mental arena, and applying it to spiritual principles helped me to step away from my continual self sacrifice and towards personal healing and being responsible for myself.  And this naturally led to being responsible for my own vibrational input and output.   For we all impact on who and what is around us in some way.  Just as we may be impacted.


Establishing Our Own Energy System Sovereignty

One of the biggest issues we have to deal with in order to evolve is our own connection to our own true Source.  We are living in a world where people are still depending upon each other for their energy sources.  I am not talking about the normal role of parent and child, or of carer and disabled.  I am talking about the still very basic bad habit of humanity, starting from the very top and going right down through all of the strata of society and cultures.  The one that thinks that in order to be happy, or whole, or successful, or satisfied then they must get that from another human being – they must be better than them, have more than them, be happier than them, have what they have, be richer than them etc.

And it is not just limited to having or being more, it is also linked with taking from others that which is perceived to be missing from their life or removing from another that which is perceived as being the reason for the dissatisfaction.  It manifests as parasitic Minds and hearts, feeding off of others emotionally, physically, mentally, financially and even spiritually, it manifests as thieves, deliberately attempting to take away the happiness of another, the partner of another, the energy of another, the innocence of another, the kudos of another, the money of another, the job of another.  Bullying, domestic violence, false slander, dishonest representation, fabricated finances, destruction to those that it does not understand or who is not like it or who is not bowed down to or controlled by it.  All of these are becoming more and more manifest.

We see it everywhere – where One essentially feeds off others.

It happens in families, it happens at work, it happens in government, it happens in almost every sphere.

It also happens energetically.  One sees or feels the light of another and wants a part of it.  Not willing to work for it themselves, and often through a sense of entitlement, they seek to have or to be that which another is, even though that is not who they are in essence.  Put-downs can mask this behaviour.  Thieving intellectual property or promoting oneself over another detrimentally – making someone feel as though they are nothing in order to dim their light, or thieve their light.  Mentally and energetically spying or keeping track of someone is an energy interference.  Making out that someone telling the truth is a liar is harmful.  Hiding the truth and their bad behaviour under a pretense of piety is evil. Pretending to be something they are not at the expense of another is a bad move.  These signs may well indicate a Soul’s inadequacy, their immaturity, that they are not willing to learn or grow (which can be painful)and will avoid facing consequences or acknowledging responsibility or accountability no matter the coast.  Some even become jealous of the integrity of another and actually think that they can fake it and fast track to the same level as that Soul without the learning or effort, or they may even try to destroy the other Soul.


Mind Your Own Business

Family members are notorious for getting their Minds into a sibling or family member’s business.  This can often cause the same replaying of childhood roles even as adults, unless we have worked upon our own self development and understandings.  Gossips who talk about anyone, everyone, have very untidy minds, minds that are full of bits of nothing, or disgruntlements, or complaints.  And when they focus their mind upon you, along with the nosiness of their intruding mind can come the crap that is whirling around in theirs.  Co-workers who want the position you have can become nosy-parkers as they used to call them when I was a child – parking their nosiness in your business and affairs, nosying into what is nothing to do with them, but which will give them information-ammunition for whatever they intend or to avoid whatever it is they fear.

The sign of an evolving Soul is one who does not interfere in other’s business, or in other’s lives.  When one is requested for help, then that is a different matter.  But poking around in other’s affairs uninvited is unethical.  I see this in psychics a lot.  Some just cannot help themselves, and have no control over their ‘gift’, or rather are too lazy to manage it properly.  There is a big difference between being Psychic and being Spiritual.  When one is both, then usually the person is on a spiritual path and practises ethically.

However, there are far too many areas for me to describe as to how one can take the energy from another here.  But hopefully one begins to get the gist.

Being mindful of our own energy and respecting the energy of others will allow true development of our energy core and our real evolution.

Our greatest challenge is to be aware of our own personal source of energy, of identity, of competence, of reputation, of integrity.  And for us to be our own energy.

To learn to boundary our wants and needs and to seek to fulfil them ourself can be quite a challenge for some – and for many it is a bigger challenge to even simply be aware of exactly what they are doing energetically.  Self Mastery, the mastering of how we manage the Self, ourself, our life, our energy, the quality of our inner experience, awareness and management of our inner experience – this is our challenge.  To learn to rely on our self.  And how do we do this whilst in a flawed human body?  We develop our connection with Source.  We become acquainted and knowledgeable with the workings of our own Mind, heart and physical reactions.  We become familiar with our Higher Self, and with our own Soul.  We work on our own spiritual connections.

And we protect these from pilfering by others!



Mind awareness, emotional containment, mental hygiene and clarity, physical and emotional independence, harm to none.  Identity, liberty, autonomy, authenticity, mastery.

These are some keywords that help us to build foundation for self mastery. And for non-infringement upon others energies and mastery.  Having boundaries does not mean that we shut people out of our lives – it means that we choose who and what we allow into our lives.  And hearts.  Many seekers think that to have an open heart at all times is being spiritual.  Not necessarily so.  If we treated (and let others treat) our houses the same way we treat our hearts, it would be a pigsty very quickly, and totally unliveable.  Yet this is what we may do energetically if we do not learn discernment.

Boundaries help us to be loyal to our own heart and journey.

Interestingly, many pilferers do not observe boundaries, but rather come in knocking down all fences, disrespecting any rights of the person they are intent on – and if one could clairvoyantly and energetically see their Minds and energy systems, they would see huge hooks emanating from various parts of their head and energetic anatomy that plugs into another’s energy centres and energy reservoirs.  Down the track there will be a consequence for the perpetrators of this, but right now, when we are having our energy compromised by someone like this, it is debilitating, exhausting and unethical.  We are responsible for our energy systems and our boundaries.  And we have to monitor and look after them, as the other party is blatantly incapable and unmotivated to do so.

Learning about our boundaries, about how others can impact upon us is essential to our health, peace of mind, growth and development.  Basic energy management tools are necessary for those on the spiritual path, and especially for Sensitives.  (My books* ‘Secrets Behind Energy Fields and ‘The Highly Sensitive’s Guide to the Sensory Psychic Chakrasprovides some handy tools for this. Available in Amazon and good online book stores.)


Staying Sane

To have one’s own mind to oneself is very important for self responsibility. To have one’s own energy systems to oneself prevents us from leaning on the energy potentials of another, and assists us to be more effective in our own life and to be more capable when choosing to assist another.
When our mind is overlayed by another, we do not think straight, we do not do things in our own way but tend to do them in the way of another. Having a clear Mental Body and a clear Mind makes us less open to others, too.
And to realise exactly where we are right now in the evolution of this Planet, in the evolution of humanity, in the evolution of our own Soul at this moment, and knowing that there is a bigger picture, there is a grander plan, is one of the antidotes to fear, doubt and lack.

Biding our time, doing what we can, observing the changes around us, riding the waves gently, all of this will help us to stay ‘sane’…
Blessings as you journey!

*Note: Myra Sri also writes about various Vibrational Energy Healing techniques at