The New Era Energies over the last twenty years has challenged the etheric and auric systems of many Sensitives, Psychics, Empaths and Intuitives.

The ancient Chakra system has been upgraded. Consequently, the current seven Main Chakra system, whose function was to support the majority of people in a physical existence, is not capable of processing the current and upcoming higher incoming frequencies, nor the ancient and future energies and opportunities arising from these fluxes that will delineate where humanity aspires to in its spiritual quest from this point onwards.

The Earth Star, beautifully and faithfully explored and documented by Barbara Ann Brennan, is sufficient for anchoring the majority of Main Chakra situations. However, our esoteric anatomy has changed, our Chakra potential has evolved, and our Soul Body has expanded and advanced in functionality.

There are three new systems, and the pages of this website will give you further information on what these systems are.

One of the systems is a totally new anchoring and grounding system, one which is calibrated to the individual’s progress and Soul journey, and one which can bring that movement toward evolution and advancement on the spiritual and Soul Journey path in a more elegant and comprehensive way.  The New Earthing Chakras are an extension of the Base Chakra, the Soles of Feet Chakras and the Earth Star.  The new system has evolved into a series of levels, the first level being applicable to most ordinary humans, whilst the more advanced levels are to support those Souls on a higher journey.  It has been my discovery that not all Souls are equal, and what works for one this lifetime doesn’t necessarily work for all Souls.  Those Souls on a specific spiritual journey or mission, and especially those seeking freedom from the Karmic Cycle and any related sabotages by other Intelligences, will find a map to freedom inbuilt in each layer, assisting with the Soul’s initiations and the integration of Soul Lessons.

It has taken many years to document, research, verify and organise for the interested spiritual journeyer and advanced energy healer.  Workshops have supported the journeying, and the book is now available.

The author, Myra Sri, has been faithful to the channeling of information directly from Source, and conducts personal and remote healing sessions for those who wish to explore their higher potential, or who desire to be clear of ancient intrigues and associated karmic codings preventing them reach their magnificence.

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