Spiritual Revolution

We are in the midst of a Spiritual Revolution.

We can no longer afford to sit on the fence and trust that things will just ‘work out’.  Genuine Light Bringers everywhere are recognising that the Dark is present, and trying to grasp back all that has been hardwon by the Light.

Tightrope Walking

Many LightSeekers find themselves walking a tightrope in maintaining balance – the balance between opposing forces.  And more:

  1. Balance in holding to the Light whilst the Dark is becoming more and more exposed
  2. Holding onto one’s own Inner Peace whilst energetic eruptions around the Globe, the Cosmos, and even one’s own family and relationships reach for stability amidst change after change after change
  3. Being positive in thought, word and deed, whilst not denying the reality of where we find ourself in 3D geography and environment
  4. Highlighting and exposing the Dark, rather than sit in Denial until it threatens our own safety
  5. Being courageous enough to dare to call out that which is harmful to our future, our freedom and even our family
  6. Refusing to cave in to those that have such a tentative hold on their own peace that they are threatened by our honesty and calls for Change
  7. Remaining as the ‘energetic canaries’ without succumbing to the toxicity of that which would poison the whole

Remaining true to our own calling, our own Soul’s set journey and purpose in these ‘interesting’ times is one of the reasons why many of us have chosen to be here in this amazing transitional period… It can be a mega-test.  For some it is like the Olympics of their Soul’s journeying, causing them to call upon all of their accumulated skills, talents and past achievements in order to simply finish the course, let alone to totally win it… Brave and courageous indeed are many of the LightBringers currently present on the Planet.

We are evolving.  And in some respects, we have evolved. It remains up to us to take advantage of the new evolved esoteric and energetic technology that is available for us on other Dimensions and available through the New Evolved Chakras.