Beyond the Chakras

Many are becoming aware of the energetic system within the body that correlates to the Nervous System – the Chakra System.  Chakras are commonly recognised as wheels of light and energy centres that require balance to enable good health.  These Main Chakras – usually 7 in all – align through the centre of the body and mostly close to the spine.  There are many books that have already been written about these.

Their existence is a bridge between 3D and 4D levels.  They can assist in balancing meridians as these energy centres actually attract and release energy in a purposeful way.

In these current times, we are evolving and building upon these basic Chakras.  These New Chakras reside on another dimension and are for those who are ready to master their journey in a more comprehensive and aware way.

Beyond the Law of Attraction

A lot of people quote what they know of the Law of Attraction, and indeed some of the other Universal and Metaphysical Laws.  This is done with the belief, often, that these laws apply to everyone and have equal power over all.  Yet there are those that seem to evade the Laws of Karma, managing somehow to collect and drain all of the cream from off the top of the abundance of life before others can even get a sniff in… and doing it in the most extraordinarily unethical ways.  And seeming to totally get away with it,,,

Conversely, there are those who cannot gain purchase on their simple rights to exist in this world, being on constant alert as to what ‘life’ is going to through at them next … yet still living their lives courageously and in authenticity, accountability, responsibility and ethically.  But not getting the rewards that they truly deserve.

There are several groups of Beings that employ whatever they can at whatever cost to others in order to control, possess, inhibit, own and enslave.

Ancient Soul Challenges

Not everyone experiences these obstructions and obfuscations along their journey.  If you feel that you have been singled out despite taking measures to live honestly and without intended harm to others, and know that what you are going through is not necessarily due to your own Karma, know that you are not alone, and that you are not necessarily worthless or undeserving…  And this is part of the secret of the New Chakras…

Past life issues and indeed past incarnations in a variety of formats and settings can lend their clues in these newly revealed Chakras.  Those who have had experiences of run-ins or engagements with the Nefilim (or Nephilum as some prefer) often have recordings or cordings into past Nefilim times that still impact on them today.  The Earthing Chakras (and the in-head Psychic Chakras) can reveal the registration of these interferences, and provide a tool for release and freedom.

The interference from these ancients can seem to make one’s life like ‘Shifting Sands’…

Particular to disadvantage the more evolving Souls.

When one has dared to shine their light or to stand up against the Dark with these Beings, their skills and mastery of manipulation can create havoc with one’s journeyings – until one recognises what they have done and removes the limitations that have been placed on one.

This is the Age of Freedom – Now is the Time, the Opportunity, for old and ancient chains and enslavements to be revealed – together with the energetic thrusts of more Light dispensing ever more freely from the Central Suns, we are primed to regain our liberties on many dimensional levels….. The New Chakras reach into these other dimensions and old sentences and dictates that should be no longer applicable can be removed by those that know how.  So chose your facilitator wisely, as there are many in the guise of working for the light that actually belong to the twilight.  Not everyone can clear these chains and devices no matter what they may claim.  Use your intuition and always feel comfortable with your guide on any journeys of this kind.  If you have been caught in the Dark accidentally or inadvertently before, and you are seeking for more Light in your life and journey, be sure the Dark would dearly love to reclaim you again.  As I have said before –


If you feel that you are on the Nefilim’s ‘Suspects’ list, I can assist with your clearings.

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