a coding matrix

The Matrix is very real.

The Matrix as displayed in the movie of that name demonstrates an illusion, a system of control, a complete integrated mechanism that feeds on humanity and on its Souls, keeping them in a forever labyrinth.

Just what is a Matrix?

It is that which contributes, holds, combines, supports, maintains and expresses a structure and demonstrates the intent or consciousness behind it.

But not all Matrices are bad, not all have a negative or deceptive intent.

We are now in the Age of opportunity for the recovery of freedom for humanity – an opportunity to review, refashion and redesign our past, present and future.

Our Energy Systems have been updated, and we have a new Energy Matrix, a new system of Chakras; a New Chakra Matrix.  The New Evolved Chakras are the updated version, the latest development, the next step in advanced esoteric anatomy for navigation of Planet Earth for these times, in this Time / Space multi-dimension, continuum and junction.

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