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In recent times, the way we view life has taken a Quantum leap – this is reflected around us with the growing number of scientific investigations, researches and discoveries in the fields of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics – and with the realization of the limitations of conventional medicine and a warming to Complementary Medicines.

On an energetic and vibrational level, things have sometimes been quite frantic.  There may be periods of a deeper peace for many, though we are still not yet out of the storm of activity and change that is taking place.  Some are continuing to struggle with these shifts, others are just hanging on for dear life.  Yet others are recognizing and better positioned in using these occurrences as opportunities and are seeking to make good use of the energies being made available.  The keys of course, are recognition and acceptance, then employing the right tools to benefit best.

Many have noticed these shifts in energy on a physical level in recent times.  These Higher Frequencies have sometimes caused buzzing ears, or a sense of disorientation, or even headaches or backaches.  Even aches and pains that simply move about the body from place to place.  There has been for some people intermittent  periods of exhaustion that haven’t had any simple explanation.  There can also be those moments of a sense of recovery or conversely of separation or of no longer having the same patience or peace when dealing with many common or mundane situations.  Or people…

Even  though for some irritations have increased, at the same time a deeper sense of peace may have also been happening.  Strange and contradictory as this seems, it is an indication of the inner foundations we have been setting to rights.  If you can imagine a house undergoing major flooring repair, you can get the sense of solidity starting at a deeper level, even though the place is covered with all sorts of annoying bits of timber, tools, and paraphernalia lying around the place.  This is the sort of thing many report they have been experiencing.

Many adjustments have been happening, with reports of significant changes in many of  life’s areas, particularly at a foundation-al level.  Family dynamics have been up for review in often quite a big way.

New Energy Frequencies

Throughout these changes and experiences, we have been developing new Energetic Anatomy, a New Subtle Body System to anchor down the incoming forces and vibrations.  The shift to 2012 frequencies has been occurring for quite some time, with particular emphasis on the last 20 or so years, and there will further adjusting as we settle into with these new energies.  December 12, 2012 heralded a kind of mid-point of the Mayan Long Count Calendar system – and was not necessarily the end – when we peak the cycle and start the count again in another era.

In these times, it is essential for us to recognize these new etheric systems of enhanced available subtle body support and the benefits of having them correctly attuned.  These benefits allow for easier energy flows throughout the entire energy bodies and the Being, creating an updated system and interface for the DNA and the Soul, and for past issues and experiences to be sifted, processed, assimilated, distilled and incorporated for an improved reality.

Quantum Energy Healing through the New Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy

Quantum Energy Healing, and Quantum Mechanics and Physics are now clearly revealing and supporting the power of observation, intention and energy.  Quantum Energy Healing works with the Energy of the body and being, and on many levels.  It is more than simply Energy Healing, it is more than any label of any particular kind of modality.  The kind of Quantum Energy Healing I am talking of here is that which takes quantum leaps into many realms, many dimensions, many levels of physicality and meta-physicality.  It has quantum effects because it goes beyond any technique, any modality, any branch of energy medicine, any healer and their claims.  It is the intent and availability of the facilitator to access those things necessary to bring change.  And this is not always correctly rewarded by any certificate.  In fact, certificates are simply pieces of paper showing that someone has performed certain tasks, demonstrated in that moment a certain correctness of action. Certificates only demonstrate a certain mundanity of action and testing.  The true healer, the true quantum energy facilitator cannot truly show their abilities by certification.

energy healing hands

The awareness of the Quantum and using it ethically, correctly, appropriately and effectively is Vibrational Medicine at its best, as it utilises a clearer and more powerful understanding of the unseen mechanics and possibilities of energetic work during facilitation in the healing session setting.  It includes the unseen but very powerful energy systems, the observable physical components and the facilitation of the therapist or energetic worker.  It includes working to balance the body and heal it on more than just the physical level, more than just the emotional level, more than just to the satisfaction of the facilitator. It includes opening up the the potential of what is right for this client at this time of their evolution.

Quantum Energy Healing combines many levels, many dimensions, many aspects and components of the being that are energetic in nature, and not subject to observation by the naked eye alone.  It includes not just following the old charts, the old scans, the old and sure templates – it needs to have an understanding of the NEW… And the New Energy Systems are part of the new Quantum understandings. To make sense of the true potential of positive energetic interactions, we need to know what these new systems are, how they work, and what to address in order to support or balance them.

Working with the energy bodies, and in particular with these New Chakras and their Subtle Body Anatomy is now more important than ever before for good health, well-ness and ease in the body and being. There are several new systems of energy bodies that have been evolving, developing or (and this is just as true) being re-connected that are directly relevant to where we find ourselves in time today.

It enhances each advanced Soul as well as the Planet to identify these new systems.  And avail ourselves of them.

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