The Psychic Senses and Chakras are not just for Psychics.  Everybody has them, whether they utilise them or not.  Some call their sensing Intuition, some recognise they are empathic, others cultivate their gifts as Psychics, others have a knowing… these are just expressions of our own unique ability to sense things and receive information… and to communicate authentically with another…

The New Psychic Body Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy are constantly receiving a plethora of incoming messages, codes, vibrations and frequencies from a variety of sources…  For the Sensitive these often result in their getting overloaded and clogged up with some of these incoming vibrations, creating problems for many of them compounded with a lack of clarity in working with or interpreting them correctly.

The constant waves of incoming data, frequencies, and even the intermittent ‘broadcasts’ from The Cosmos and The Galactic Center as well as the current Global Consciousness dichotomies, combined with the Universal Energies emissions and consciousness effects as things shift, change, realign, redefine and generally cause occasional mayhem in navigating life, can often cause confusion in the journey at this current stage of huge adjustment.

Gaining some clarity and tidiness over our Psychic anatomy can lead to a much clearer and steadier interpretation of our experience.

Many think that the Third Eye is our Psychic Centre.  Others are aware of other Psychic anatomy in the head.  But the fact is that there are several major Psychic points.  Generally, we now have over twenty Psychic Chakras, and quite a few connecting points to other vital energy systems.  And some more developed sensitives can have over thirty points.  Once one becomes aware of the Major Psychic Points and clears these, most of the disresonance issues and interference portals are sorted.

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