This amazing system was the first to reveal itself to me.  I had found that my Higher Chakras were functioning well but I was having trouble staying as grounded as before in the new energy waves.

Initially, our grounding was dependent upon the Earth Star, several inches below and between the soles of the feet.  However, with the growth of the Higher Chakra system, those Chakras placed outside the body in a series of Chakras rising above the head, the Earth Star is proving itself unable to cope for many as before.  And this is because we now have a new enhanced system.  The new system serves all of the Chakras and all of our existing energy bodies.  This new powerful earthing system has been developing for some time, and yet still many are working with just the existing system of the Main 7 Chakras (though some use the 8 Chakra System), without the benefit or knowledge of the new anchoring system of Chakras.

And there are also those who are working on a more awakened sense of consciousness, but having difficulty in ‘staying’ grounded, or in aligning their inner sense of life with navigating existence in the current culture or their current circumstances.

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