A New Earth, A New System…

Here we are, right in the middle of a significant age – the winding up of the Long Count Mayan Calendar, and in a time long talked about by the Hindus, Buddhists, and many other ancient religions…

Right now, as we sit on the edge of a farflung arm in the middle of the Milky Way equator, we are all experiencing many impacting and challenging energies as we ride the thrust of the energies from this spiraling galactic home.  A new sense of earth is emerging for many, a new sense of ‘home’ both within their physical body, and within their soul and spirit body.  And also being reflected in the world and how we are placed in this earthly life.

Some of this is still so new and unfamiliar as to be uncomfortable and strange – and many of us are still ‘in transit’ as we move into our next ‘positions’ and stations.  For some, ancient fears have emerged, and past memories are on the edge of their consciousness as they attempt to work through and past these unseen whispers…

a new earth – a new system

A New Earth is emerging – many status quos are being challenged, many perceptions are being revised, many supposed ‘foundations’ are being whisked away – we are learning what is true for us on an individual level – we are waking up to our true potentials.

On an energetic anatomy level, we have been expanding and growing – developing outside of the normal subtle anatomy levels, and new Higher (Upper) Chakras have been evolving and initiating.  Many Energy workers and LightSeekers are already aware of these upper Higher Chakras.

Now, however, we are ready for the next stage – the age of The New Earthing Chakras and Earthing Chakra System.

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