Barbara Ann Brennan did some amazing work in researching and documenting the Earth Star Chakra and its grounding abilities.  Her books are legendary, and full of wonderful information.

Our evolution in time has paralleled our evolution in anatomy, though this knowledge is not yet fully disseminated to all interested parties.

Now, in the advent of the New Age, with New Energy Waves, New Opportunities and New Choices, many of us are evolving and being promoted to a new state of Being, grounding and anchoring.   We are being gifted with new Chakra anatomy…

Chakra-wise, right now we have new challenges as we attempt to birth, initiate and activate these new Chakras and the new System.

The Earth Star was vital for grounding and anchoring the Chakras and energy bodies. Tracking through and clearing the Hara Line some twenty or more years back, was for me a major energetic shift. Maintaining its integrity was vital to continue to move forward. Then the new information began to flow through and I had to recognise and then to learn about where it all fitted in.

Even the way I worked with the Earth Star had changed, and I document the new system in my book ‘The New Evolved Chakras’.  To give the reader an idea, the following illustration indicates part of how I initially worked with this previous recognised anchoring system :

When one is on a Soul journey, on a journey that encompasses more than merely living solely for the pleasures possible in being human, a journey that at some level has a purpose (though not yet always clearly readable or manifest), then utilising as much of our sacred and spiritual anatomy as is possible can aid our path, ease our experience, cushion our steps and shine a light on our way.

new evolved earthing chakras 1st level

These amazing and beautiful Chakras are the major keys to anchoring in the new higher vibrations and frequencies for transformation driven by the New Energy Waves coming from the Galactic Heart.

As we have been activating higher levels of consciousness, and moving more definately (albeit sometimes haltingly) toward our innate and true Purpose and Destiny, these Earthing Chakras have been evolving, growing, maturing, and ready for initation, activation, alignment and integration.

I wish you well and blessings on your journey, whatever that journey is.

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