Soul Missions – Soul surveying Planet Earth

Many Souls on the Planet at this present time are here deliberately.  This is not just a recycling through reincarnation, not just an opportunity to be in human form again, not just a time to ‘learn’ more lessons…

This is a specific time in the Earth’s evolution, a specific occasion in humanity’s consciousness, a specific time/space location in the Cosmos.. and more…

The play of Light and Dark is taking place again in an awesome way, and certain Souls have chosen to be here at this time.  Not just to witness these events as they unfold.  But to partake in them.  To meet with those Souls doused in darkness for a final time.  To give opportunity for the karmic ties to be finally challenged and loosened, cut and cleared.

The Advanced Soul needs every assistance they can muster to meet with these unique challenges right now.  Our Soul Body, leastways the Soul Body belonging to an advanced Soul, a Soul here with a mission of Light, has developed and evolved.  It only awaits recognition and connection so that its connection to Source can be amplified, can be strengthened.


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