To all those Sensitives out there… Thank You!

Without you this world would have sunk into a murky froth of selfish unfeeling bogan humanity…

You are the ones that help balance the basicness of people with the possibility of refinement and enhancement.  And I do not mean the refinement of educated hedonism and self gratification.  I am referring to the reaching for the enhanced, the excellent, the harmless, on an energetic level.

Being Clear

Most Sensitives are here to make a positive difference.  In whatever sphere their innate skills revel.  Unfortunately it can mean bad news as we pick up the static of other baser energy noises and we run the likelihood of picking up whatever is being spewed out by toxic others; imagine being dressed in a white outfit and walking through a room full of people plastered with rubbish, paint, crap, garbage, murkiness, hopelessness or any other unpleasant thing – simply because they were totally unaware that they were carrying it.  A bit like a sanitation engineer who has lost their ability to smell and who have dim eyesight so they cannot see what they have picked up… they just keep going about their business without realising that everything they touch or stand near gets a dose of whatever they have been playing (or working) with… And this is no reflection on real sanitation guys – they are essential to environmental purging.  But if you are a butterfly (so to speak) with very fragile boundaries, you will get impacted if a clod of manure lands on you, whereas tougher-skinned dudes may not even notice it.

Our energy bodies signal what is happening energetically.  And we are in the midst of huge changes on the Planet right now – and will be for the forseeable future…  We are in the middle of a sh.t fight between the Light and the Dark… and we can’t afford not to take sides.

Being Sensitive

The beauty of being Sensitive is this; if we are picking up incoming energetic messages accurately and are translating and interpreting them correctly through our own sensitive antennae, then we have a much better chance of being led to be in the right place at the right time. And many sensitives find themselves in occupations or spaces where they are inevitable working in assisting others.  It can be of great help in this regard.  However, there can also be a downside to this.  For when we are around people of good heart, it can be a mutual energetic interaction….  And when we are around those who are not, or are secretly combative, competitive or just plain resentful, it can be a real problem if we are not able to recognise that the feelings we now feel are actually our own – but someone else’s.  If our energy bodies has been ‘slimed’ by the toxic psychic plasma of others, then we may well feel the discomfort, yet be unable to identify or to clear just what the crap it is that we are feeling.

Most Sensitives often find that they require space and time to themself in order to give them opportunity for renewal, which can then help them to reset their guages, so to speak.  Separation from the energies of others in geography, as well as environmental support by the elements of sun, water, space and sky also assist with energy renewal and resetting.  Drawing back from engagement with those who are demanding, exhausting, dramatic, selfish and controlling is essential to get that sense of ‘self’ back again.  But thoughts can reach over distance and re-engagement can draw us back in again if we are not aware of the what and of the who.

How Much is My Mind My Own…?

I have known people (so many you would probably not believe) who get involved at a thought and mind level with other people’s business – indeed some do it in order, they think, to help someone.  But some may not have their / your best interests at heart and so may even go so far as to try and distance-poke what is going on in their prey’s mind… Sensitives do not always recognise when this happens.  They may register a thought of that person, even thinking that the thought emanates from themself personally; ‘I just thought about so-and-so, they must be on my mind / I must be thinking of them…’

The ‘spy’ is probably IN their mind if the Sensitive does not have an unruly and extra-inquisitive mind that might also pry into the thoughts and lives of others themself.  Whether the Sensitive is trying to sniff out the person for themself, or is checking in to another’s business, they may not realise that their thoughts are also leaving them open to a kind of mind-cross-contamination – thought connections can be two-way.  Also, it is not always the receiver of the thought that is also the initiator of the thought.

Thoughts can be intrusive unless one is aware of ethical use of the Mind – for the mind can access almost anything.  However, just to do so simply because one CAN is insufficient to excuse mind-invasion.  Psychism does NOT naturally equate to Spirituality…

I remember some time back having had people pop into my head totally out of the blue and then thinking that maybe I should phone them, as we hadn’t been in contact for a while.  It took me some time to get that some of those people were actually thinking about me – and when I then felt pain in some part of my body, I later realised that it was either in a negative way, or they were going through their own pain and had created a link to me when they thought about me.  Yet others were resentful for whatever reason, and got their minds involved in my private business, or even my work!  Until I honed my skills and learned to keep my Chakras clear, I would not be aware of when someone was draining me, interfering with my own plans or just wanted something from me, and I would unintentionally succumb to connecting energetically with them (again).  I have since learned energetic hygiene and better discrimination.   Indeed, when I clean up from someone toxic, or when I rebuff someone trying to gain access to my mind, my life or my resources, then within 3 days they inevitably attempt to make actual physical contact with me, whether via facebook, phone, a social media connection request or even a dream invasion.  Which I can now easily ignore, recognising their attempt to pull me back in to their energy sphere of influence.

New Enhanced Psychic Anatomy

Since discovering that there was actually a Psychic Body and Psychic Chakras beyond the Third Eye, I have been able to take control of my senses in a much more meaningful way.  At first I was slightly paranoic as I realised just what I had to clear out of energy bodies, but I gained confidence when I understood how easy it was to pinpoint just where my discomfort was and to address any associated or linked indication.

So, dear Energy Canaries, there is help at hand.

You can also find these Chakras included in “The New Evolved Chakras” book – this book also contains advanced information on the new Earthing ( grounding and spiritually anchoring) Chakra, the Signal Chakras (identifying when and where past trauma and shock can be held, the developing Advanced Soul Body anatomy and lots of other relevant and information.

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